The Vision

iSmart Media will disrupt the monopolized markets by strengthening the position of our retail partners. We will achieve market dominance by delivering value to thousands of clients across the globe. Our speed and learning is far beyond that of our closest followers.

The Mission

To bridge the gap between businesses and their clients. We make multimillion dollar dreams come to reality.

The Values

  • Take initiative and ownership
  • Be ambitions and back yourself
  • Give power and energy to the solution
  • An unhappy customer is the best source of learning
  • Honesty above all else
    Go where there is no path and leave a trail

The Why

To spend in excess of $350,000,000 on paid media and better our intelligent machines that drives our competitive advantage.

Harries C.

Creative Genius
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Ashish Pandey

Media Mastermind
"Don't let yesterday take up too much of today."

John P.

Master Media Hacker
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Mario P.

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Trina F.

CEO Customer Experience Officer
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Sandy B.

Client Success
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Caleb M.

Chief People Person
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Michael Hopkins

Chief Operations Officer
"An idea is a terrible thing to waste."

Raul L.

Senior Sales Trainer
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Alex R.

Sales Leader Europe
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Sales Leader US
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Sales Assistant US
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Daniel Fournier

Full Stack Developer
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Khalid Elshehaly

Full Stack Developer
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Vincent Brenold Giron

Full Stack Developer
"Tomorrow is another day to live."

Vitali G.

Funnel Master
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Carlos C.

General Council
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Juan G.

Financial Wizard
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Elliot M

Financial Black Belt
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Jarrad Laars

"Sales Fix Everything"

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